Islamic Art by Aziza Essa

Once in a while, and some say rarely, a unique combination of experiences and physical artistic talent give birth to a very palpable phenomena. One such perfect combination can be found in the work of Lancastrian artist Aziza Essa.

As a young lady, the beauty of Islamic/Arabic art inspired Aziza. Her love for the art form followed down her lines of personal and intellectual development. Much of her work is derived from the various ethereal experiences she has encountered and her travels abroad. It is her current and deep conviction that Islamic art can help towards bridging misunderstanding about Islam and she is delighted to be a part of that bridging process.

The combination of European painting techniques and the Islamic calligraphic disciplines enriches her abstract work and gives it an essential essence of “time and place” i.e. Islamic Art from the West in the 21st century. The majority of the Islamic artwork in the past originated from the Middle East and now, Aziza aspires to Europe and the West to produce her works that challenge the senses.

On seeing her artwork for the first time, many people who cannot “read” fine art and who know little or nothing about Islam or Islamic art, are profoundly touched by it and amazed when the emotional message of an artwork is explained to them. Some people find her work spiritually very uplifting, while others have commented on its immense yet subtly hidden beauty at first glance. Her work has a touch of classic Islamic indulgence fused with contemporary abstract styles and goes far beyond the “decorative inscriptions” of the past.

Aziza’s eclectic style of art transports the viewers of her work to a golden age of Islam. The striking, bold colours and subtle use of contrast accentuates the brush strokes to encapsulate all that is good about islamic art. In many ways the simple arabic reminders help viewers to understand or at least try and understand more about the beauty of Islam. I guess her artwork can be summed up aptly by the following saying; ‘No doubt Allah is most beautiful and he loves the beautiful’
That is Azizas work and so much more.

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